Art & Globalization

Introduction to a series of blogs

Martin Hoondert

A Blog as training tool

In the course "Art and Globalization" (lectureres: Inge van de Ven & Martin Hoondert) we will use the blog-function of DIGGIT Magazine to discuss literature. Every week some students will - as creative as possible - write about the articles they have read and raise some questions or discussion items.


In the course we will look at Globalization through the lens of Arts and vice versa. Globalization is a kind of buzz word, we use it easily, but are we sure about the meaning of this word? Some refer to the dynamics of increasing (cultural) homogeneity, others to increasing diversity and upcoming nationalist sentiments. Is a word that can have such diverse meanings useful at all? What do you think about Globalization? Does it exist or is it nothing more than a hypothesis? And what has Globalization to do with the arts? I look forward to discuss these (and other) questions with the students.