Daniel Obubo

Dear listeners

For more than a year I’ve wanted to create a space available for podcasts on Diggit Magazine. It’s been almost a year since I had the idea and execution has always been a difficulty I’ve been confronted with. Being Online Culture students creating a podcast themed around the happenings in the digital world and the consequences in the offline world is enticing, this is what I hope Diggit Magazine Audio can provide to listeners.

Personally, passion can drive and hinder, I listen to my fair share of podcasts and I have an idea of what sound I’m going for, it’s easy to get caught up in achieving that sound I’ve have had to come to terms with the fact that just starting should be my first goal rather than worrying about professional hardware, theme music, cover art and RSS Feeds. I know this is my passion project and I know there’s a level of professionalism and authenticity that I would like this product to have, but at the same time I am personally learning not to worry about everything being ‘perfect’, and to just give it a shot.

So, here’s that shot

A few months back I teamed up with Philip van Vuuren, a friend and colleague of mine in the second year of the Online Culture Media Art and Society course. We decided to record a podcast with the idea of uncertainty being the key focus. In this debut episode we discussed our specialization choices in the second year, our previous studies and what lead us to Online Culture and finally uncertainties pertaining to the future and job markets.

Firstly, we hope you enjoy, and we also hope to record more of these.

Thank you

Daniel Obubo & Philip van Vuuren