Super Ring for the super future

Shuo Peng

Obviously, you have heard about AR and 3D Holographic Display from games or advertising, which are not new and strange any more in recent years. From my perspective, decades later, these techniques and their products will be used by ordinary people widely, which means mass production and lower prices. What I could image for something conducive to art world is Super Ring.

One day in the future, individuals will carry Super Ring to visit all museums, gallery, and attractions, though it is just a small square ring with front-projected holographic display technology. Tour guides, even the multimedia tour could be replaced by Super Ring. You can not only watch each piece of artwork, but also check restoration of ruins through its imaging. Continually, you can not only figure out different part of painting and sculpture clearly, but also “go inside” the structures with help of VR glasses. As for those people who do not have opportunities to travel, no matter due to disabled or budget, it is the chance for them to know about art. This is because Super Ring allow downloading AR materials from online museum or gallery, and then art lovers could appreciate those gorgeous art worlds at home! How thoughtful the Super Ring is. Additionally, comparing with the technology level today, in the next age and generation, our color-displaying must be improved much better, especially in terms of saturation.

Since I mentioned the description of Super Ring’s functions, it has dramatic positive meanings on three aspects. Firstly, much more convenience will be brought to us. We can watch any artwork anywhere and anytime, without worrying about where we are being now. Secondly, the ring helps people save money. With no doubt, visiting a virtual but enough real museum only by front-projected holographic display is cheaper than taking a flight and booking the tickets. Thirdly, Super Ring promotes art studying, cultural identity, transnational relations and globalization development. This is a strong power for both individuals and governments, even among various countries over the sea. As far as a long-term viewpoint is concerned, human will find advantageous growing methods by encountering, negotiating and sharing with each other.

Have you already been excited about the Super Ring? Let’s keep the mood and always give best wishes to it. Until now, what we can do, I mean ordinary persons, is to accept new items when they come, and please keep donating spirit and energy in what you are focusing on all the time.

Tomorrow is another day.