Culture policy and economic impact

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In this international Bachelor’s program Online Culture: Art, Media and Society (Culture Studies) the focus is on digital culture and (new) media. From disciplines such as cultural studies and media studies you study how digitalization and globalization influence our way of living. You discuss new ways of communication, art expressions as well as (social) media expressions like memes and trolls. You research how such ways of communication and expressions are established and how they manifest in, and have influence on a society that increasingly takes place online. Additionally, you actively contribute to digital culture by writing papers and opinion pieces for our own online platform Diggit Magazine.

Cordel Literature: the ever-changing Brazilian cultural heritage

Gabriela de la Vega
15 minutes to read

Brazilian cordel literature is picked up by a new generation and via new media. Still, many new artists, including female cordelisteas, are not recognized. Who owns cordel literature today? And should it be registered as cultural heritage?

Ai Weiwei Aylan Kurdi

Ai Weiwei, art and activism

Aliceanneke Jacobsen
4 minutes to read

The Chinese artist Ai Weiwei gives the refugees a voice with his art installation in Berlin

Still from the trailer of Monsieur Lazhar

Cultural differences in Monsieur Lazhar

Stefan Voeten
6 minutes to read

This article argues that the movie Monsieur Lazhar can contribute to a public debate on topics such as education and immigration. 

Reizen Waes: This is clearly bullshit indeed

Aliceanneke Jacobsen
3 minutes to read

Critics are of the opinion that television is a constructed truth which bears no relation to reality. They portray viewers as passive consumers who do not realize they are being fooled by the television producers 

Are the photos of Manu Brabo art?

Isabell Wutz
4 minutes to read

Can photography which depicts dire situations truly be seen as art? A case study of Manu Brabo's Al Jazeera photos.