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New media and Politics

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The many faces of Hillary Clinton

Mark Dierick
29 minutes to read

This analysis focuses on the many faces Hillary Clinton showed the general public during her run for Presidency in the United States of America. It argues that it might have been this "two-faced" reputation that could have cost her the job.

Stop Tihange and Doel: Activism in the streets and on social media

Aimée Overhof
14 minutes to read

This paper contains a digital ethnographic inquiry into the Stop Tihange movement. What role do new media play in the essembly of this movement, that aims to shut down a nuclear plant in Belgium?

Pro Life, Pro Trump: Trump's appeal to the Christian voters

Imme Wagemans
17 minutes to read

This research paper explores the appeal of Trump to Christian voters in the light of his pro-life statement.

The white side of politics: America and the Alt-Right

Annabel Marmor
14 minutes to read

A paper exploring the alt-right and its relationship with new and old media. What makes this movement tick?

black lives matter #blacklivesmatter #ferguson #transgender #equality democracy

Black Lives Matter too: from #hashtag to movement

Iris Wijers
28 minutes to read

The Black Lives Matter movement has become a real phenomenon in American society. Iris Wijers analyzes this powerful and polarizing movement.  


Laura Nelissen
10 minutes to read

Black Lives Matter is a movement known and active all over the world. It all started with the hashtag #blacklivesmatter but now their message is more complex. The constructed message of a movement.

The Spectators of The Polish Theatre in Wrocław

The Spectators of The Polish Theatre in Wrocław are fighting for art and democracy

Anna Chmielińska
16 minutes to read

This is an analysis of 'The Spectators of The Polish Theatre in Wrocław'. A movement that fights for art, freedom and democracy. It is also about one man, who has tried to destroy something beautiful, the real art in Poland.

Donald J. Trump: The maverick

Lindsay Lo-A-Njoe
8 minutes to read

Donald Trump's message helped him win the 2016 presidential election. However, could the opponents' counter-messages have helped support his own? This paper analyzes the complex construction of Trump's message that propelled him into presidency.