This course is part of the BA Online Culture: Art, Media and Society or the MA Online Culture at Tilburg University. Click on the link for more info on the courses and the programme.

In this international program Online Culture: Art, Media and Society (Culture Studies) the focus is on digital culture and (new) media. From disciplines such as cultural studies and media studies you study how digitalization and globalization influence our way of living. You discuss new ways of communication, art expressions as well as (social) media expressions like memes and trolls. You research how such ways of communication and expressions are established and how they manifest in, and have influence on a society that increasingly takes place online. Additionally, you actively contribute to digital culture by writing papers and opinion pieces for our own online platform Diggit Magazine.

Homemade semiotics and linguistic landscaping

Jules van Iperen
19 minutes to read

Analyses of linguistic landscapes found in and around the city of Tilburg. The focus of this paper is on homemade signs. It demonstrates how authenticity plays a role in the sociolinguistic characteristics of signs.


Free erections in Wales

Jessica Lambregts
10 minutes to read

A short paper on the usage of Welsh on public signs in Wales. Using two examples, we try to decipher why certain mistakes in the signs were made, and who is to blame for them. 


From mobility to complexity in sociolinguistic theory and method

Academic paper
Jan Blommaert
29 minutes to read

A theoretical and methodological paradigm sift is underway in sociolinguistics, in which insights in the mobility of sociolinguistic phenomena leads to a complexity perspective with far-reaching effects.