forum voor democratie, thierry baudet

Thierry Baudet and Forum voor Democratie

The Editors

Who are Thierry Baudet and Theo Hiddema? How can we understand Forum voor Democratie and what is their ideology? You can read all about them in our file. 

The online world of Thierry Baudet and Forum voor Democratie

Miah Ke-leigh
16 minutes to read

A paper focusing on the online world of Forum Voor Democratie, a right wing Dutch political party, and its leader Thierry Baudet. What do their online activities tell us about the party's goals?

Hiddema: the 'civilized' nationalist?

Laura Thomas
11 minutes to read

Theo Hiddema's political beliefs are characterized through nationalism, Anti-Enligthenment thinking, racism and sexism. However, he is not perceived as such. How is this possible?