How drinking pints led to Brexit. Getting Britain to vote Leave.

Article Vogel
13 minutes to read

In the European debate, many people were against Nigel Farage, the 'alcoholic lying radical racist'. But Britain ended up leaving Europe, so Farage must have done something right to win that many votes, right?

Brexit and its consequences


In this file we look at the Brexit from different perspectives. From political online activism, the framing of the voters and the opinions of writers before the Brexit to the linguicide afterwards. 

Brexit en de frame van de slimme en de domme

Jan Blommaert
4 minutes to read

De instant-analyses die na verkiezingen en referenda - hier, de Brexit - worden gemaakt slaan vaak nergens op. Zeker wanneer ze "slimme" kiezers tegenover "domme" identificeren, en die laatste dan blameren voor de uitslag.

The case against Linguaphobia

Yaron Matras
4 minutes to read

In the wake of Brexit, universities have a duty to promote the benefits of linguistic diversity more than ever, says Yaron Matras (Multilingual Manchester).

Going native: Brexit prompts linguistic cleansing

Dennis Baron
7 minutes to read

Brexit is generating a wave of linguistic purism.French politicians urged the EU to drop English as one of its 24 official languages, And now, a British group wants to erase French words from English passports. (Dennis Baron)

Brexit and online political activism

Isabell Wutz
19 minutes to read

Isabell Wutz and Lisanne Nugteren (Tilburg University) argue that in the context of the Brexit. that vox populism, slacktivism and online intertextuality have an adverse effect to the representativeness of the public debate.

Click here to save the world!

Isabell Wutz
6 minutes to read

Digitalization brought a new form of political participation labelled slacktivism. Slacktivism can harm real-life political activism. It only gives a feeling of self justification instead of actually achieving political goals.