Foucault’s vision on the morphing bodies of influencers

Ellefleur Slangen
9 minutes to read

Body morphing has become the norm even for those influencers who stand for body positivity. How can Foucault assist us in interpreting this phenomenon? 

Understanding "I'm Still Here". This can't be real, right?

Hanne Hermens
15 minutes to read

This essay explores the confusion that was ignited by the film I'm Still Here (2010) by analysing its form, purpose and content and comparing it to other forms of film. 

Kourtney and her son Reign

Mom-shamers vs. celebrities on Instagram

Sanne Graumans
7 minutes to read

Mom shamers have been around since forever and, sadly, social media has only helped to amplify their voices. When it comes to being especially vitriolic, they take aim at Hollywood moms. This article examines how this unfolds on Instagram.

Break the Internet Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian-Jenner Expository Empire

Bibi Bonten
15 minutes to read

Our values regarding privacy and dignity are changing in this online age, and exhibitionism is more alive than ever. The Kardashian family of influencers serves as an example to elaborate on these ongoing changes in our society.

Body Morphing on Instagram

Mariosé Bergsteijn
12 minutes to read

Celebrities morph their online self-presentation, because when you look like and do things that are not recognizable by the masses, you are perceived as abnormal and therefore do not belong in society.

Twitter Blackfishing exposed

Blackfishing on social media

Blean Tsige
12 minutes to read

The aim of this article is to explain the new trend of blackfishing as a social issue on digital media. Why do white celebrities want to appear black or biracial?

Jack the Ripper: seriemoordenaar met een museum

Aniek van den Brandt
7 minutes to read

Seriemoordenaar Jack the Ripper heeft sinds 2015 een museum dat volledig is gewijd aan hem, zijn misdaden en zijn slachtoffers. Is dit de ultieme representatie van een seriemoordenaar als celebrity?