Resistance against Trumpism

Trump, Europa en de hedendaagse antiverlichting

Ico Maly
4 minutes to read

Trump is geen uniek Amerikaans gegeven; hij is een symptoom van een zieke democratische wereld. Het is aan ons om te beslissen of we de democratie zullen verkwanselen of versterken. 

Donald J. Trump: The maverick

Lindsay Lo-A-Njoe
8 minutes to read

Donald Trump's message helped him win the 2016 presidential election. However, could the opponents' counter-messages have helped support his own? This paper analyzes the complex construction of Trump's message that propelled him into presidency. 

Donald Trump online

Asya Krusteva
10 minutes to read

Donald Trump knows very well that mediated visibility can be used as a political instrument and weapon. So instead of trying to control this mediated visibility, he uses mediated controversy as his strategy.

How media formats shaped Trump's message

Federico Tosi
10 minutes to read

This article analyzes the way in which media shapes Donald Trump’s message and discourse, especially highlighting the importance of the length of the appearances, as they differ depending on the particular message the candidate is promoting.

Trump, the celebrity-businessman and vox populism

Ico Maly
11 minutes to read

In this second article on Trump's message, Ico Maly analyzes Donald Trump's "bragging-message machine". Winning elections is not about how well informed or intelligent a candidate is, it’s about ‘Message’.

Donald Trump American President?

Is Donald Trump a 'dangerous clown'?

Ico Maly
9 minutes to read

In this first article on "Trump's Message", Ico Maly analyzes the negative messaging of the adversaries of Donald Trump.  He argues that the framing of Trump as a clown makes us blind to the power of his message.