The inscription on the wall says "for an education that helps us think instead of teaching us to obey."

Neutrality in the public education system: does it exist?

Daniela Meireles
9 minutes to read

A social movement in Brazil accuses teachers of public institutions of imposing their political beliefs on students, and defends that schools should be ideologically neutral environments. However, is neutrality in education possible?

The power of humour in combatting racism

Rowie van Hagen
5 minutes to read

Racism is nothing new in sports, let alone in international associated football. Can humour and wit be appropriate measures in combatting racism, or will they serve as a force that normalizes racism in society?

Donald Trump online

Asya Krusteva
10 minutes to read

Donald Trump knows very well that mediated visibility can be used as a political instrument and weapon. So instead of trying to control this mediated visibility, he uses mediated controversy as his strategy.