public debate

Alan Kurdi graffiti

The ship, the child, and the refugee debate in Europe

Jan Blommaert
7 minutes to read

The current refugee debate in the EU has been deeply influenced by a small handful of iconic pictures documenting the predicament of refugees and highlighting the moral positions in the debate.

How basketball All-Star player LeBron James becomes a public intellectual

G. H.
7 minutes to read

Sports stars have an actual influence on the public sphere. They should dare to step up and raise their voices more often. Basketball player LeBron James' shows the way by criticizing Trump and supporting Black Lives Matter.

Writing to be read – the opinion article

Ico Maly
8 minutes to read

Ico Maly argues that the op-ed - if one uses it well - is a tool that intellectuals can use to take up their democratic role. 11 tips for the intellectual op-ed. 

Still from the trailer of Monsieur Lazhar

Cultural differences in Monsieur Lazhar

Stefan Voeten
6 minutes to read

This article argues that the movie Monsieur Lazhar can contribute to a public debate on topics such as education and immigration.