Winner Teaching innovation Award 2017

social media

Disconnect to connect: The politics of disconnectivity in the film Captain Fantastic

Thao Nguyen
19 minutes to read

Disconnectivity has more than a negative connotation: it is a political gesture that ultimately boils down to connecting differently. Fiction film provides a discursive space to imagine alternatives to ubiquitous connectivity.

How to study anti-police protest in a digital age

Working paper
Paul Mutsaers

To understand police-public relationships, we need to study more imperceptible types of resistance and the complex, interlinked nature of plugged-in publics and their online, non-embodied, and thus less visible protests against police. 

Max and Nev

Catfish: The TV Show (MTV)

Irene de Groot
3 minutes to read

In Catfish: the TV show hosts Nev and Max help people who are head over heels about someone they met online. A review.


Nosedive, a vicious take on social media (Joe Wright)

Heleen Dijkhuizen
3 minutes to read

Black Mirror's Nosedive shows us a vicious take on social media.

How do Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez and Nikki Tutorials become role models?

Ashna Coster
10 minutes to read

The following paper will explain how women use social media to voice their thoughts on appearances. Regular women and celebrity women alike use social media to send their message on what the perfect image is.


Will K-pop ‘conquer the World’ ?

Manouk Boelhouwers
13 minutes to read

The new Korean wave has been very successful, but is it successful enough to conquer the world? And if it does, will it still be K-pop?

Corbyn & Co seen from across the Channel... and through social media

Jan Blommaert
5 minutes to read

Seen from across the Channel and through the lens of social media, Corbyn's surprising electoral success fits a trend.

Social Media enabling vigilante justice

Roeline Machiels
12 minutes to read

The justice system is there to ensure that people don't start acting as vigilantes. However, due to social media these kind of acts have increased again. This essay will discuss how online vigilante justice interferes with the law enforcement.