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Nosedive, a vicious take on social media (Joe Wright)

Heleen Dijkhuizen
3 minutes to read

Black Mirror's Nosedive shows us a vicious take on social media.

How do Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez and Nikki Tutorials become role models?

Ashna Coster
10 minutes to read

The following paper will explain how women use social media to voice their thoughts on appearances. Regular women and celebrity women alike use social media to send their message on what the perfect image is.

Corbyn & Co seen from across the Channel... and through social media

Jan Blommaert
5 minutes to read

Seen from across the Channel and through the lens of social media, Corbyn's surprising electoral success fits a trend.

Why activists should be aware that social media are not the public sphere

Lucas Pascholatti
5 minutes to read

This column aims to discuss the current context of social media use, activism and how it is connected to the public sphere itself. It shows that there are many questions that should be raised in the context of post-truth democracy. 

Voguing - social media

Voguing and social media

Irene de Groot
4 minutes to read

Social media have been the most important factor in propelling the voguing culture to become a worldwide phenomenon. This article zooms in on how voguers use social media. And why do they use it.

Madonna Vogue Voguing

How voguing spread around the world

Jana Nuiten
5 minutes to read

Madonna’s "Vogue", the documentary Paris Is Burning and more recently, social media all contributed to the globalization of voguing. Today, voguing is a worldwide phenomenon.

The #RomanianProtests: How online activism succeeded in overthrowing the Romanian government

Anca Costea
6 minutes to read

Activism on social media has been regarded, in many cases, as slacktivism. The recent protests in Romania against the Government prove that this is not always the case.

On its 28th birthday, how democratic is the web?

Piia Varis
5 minutes to read

People can contribute to making the web more democratic, but for that they need platform literacy