Data-driven shopping: Nike's House of Innovation

Femke van Bree
11 minutes to read

Allegedly, Nike's HOI stores are ''the future of retail''. These data-driven stores offer a digitalized customer experience that is unlike anything else. What are the implications of Nike's data usage and is this usage ethical?

7 days in hell mockumentary

Laughing at tennis in '7 Days in Hell'

Iris Dumoulin
11 minutes to read

As a mockumentary, 7 Days in Hell (2015) features multiple documentary codes and functions to create a feeling of reality. How does 7 Days in Hell comment on and mock the reality of tennis documentaries?

How basketball All-Star player LeBron James becomes a public intellectual

Guus Hovens
7 minutes to read

Sports stars have an actual influence on the public sphere. They should dare to step up and raise their voices more often. Basketball player LeBron James' shows the way by criticizing Trump and supporting Black Lives Matter.