Madonna Vogue Voguing

How voguing spread around the world

Jana Nuiten
5 minutes to read

Madonna’s "Vogue", the documentary Paris Is Burning and more recently, social media all contributed to the globalization of voguing. Today, voguing is a worldwide phenomenon.

Voguing by definition: self-expression within the LGBTQ-community

Fleur Aarts
5 minutes to read

Voguing is a form of expressive dance, created in a time where being anything other than heterosexual was not accepted. Voguing is a lifestyle, wherein young men and women find a way to express their true selves without having to hide.

‘Knolpower’ als Social Media Celebrity

Guus Hovens
6 minutes to read

In dit essay wordt ingegaan op de rol die vlogger Enzo Knol vervuld in onze hedendaagse maatschappij. Is het concept 'celebrity' toereikend om hem te kunnen begrijpen?

Amanda Todd

The digital age and online bullying

Lovise Neess
19 minutes to read

This paper aims to explore how the digital age influences social behavior within the context of online bullying, with case of Amanda Todd as point of reference. The analysis is done from a broad sociological perspective.