How drinking pints led to Brexit. Getting Britain to vote Leave.

Article Vogel
12 minutes to read

In the European debate, many people were against Nigel Farage, the 'alcoholic lying radical racist'. But Britain ended up leaving Europe, so Farage must have done something right to win that many votes, right?

European Union Communication advice

The future of the EU: Do you know what the EU does for you?

Alea Sophie Küppers
4 minutes to read

In the past decades the European Union has been acting in the background. It totally overslept the rise of anti-Europe sentiments. The EU finally needs to start communicating how it improves the lives of the ordinary European citizens.

What is Brexit?


In this file we look at the Brexit from different perspectives. From political online activism, the framing of the voters and the opinions of writers before the Brexit to the linguicide afterwards.