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How typically Swedish is IKEA all over the world?

Malou Janssen
9 minutes to read

In order to operate on a global level, IKEA makes many regional adjustments to their marketing campaigns. So how "Swedish" are they?

The Pearl River Delta: a region of copycats or a center of innovation?

Lennart Menger
18 minutes to read

The Pearl River Delta, an economic miracle that is still struggling with a negative 'copycat' imago. Lennart Menger, a student from Tilburg University, argues to what extent the region has managed it to transform into a center of innovation.

Integration Netherlands Dutch

Revisiting the 2013 Dutch Integration Law

Boudewijn Henskens
11 minutes to read

The DIY philosophy the state promotes for those who want to integrate in Dutch society has resulted in a 50% decrease in those who pass the exams in the regular timeframe. What has the policy's role been in this? 

Wakanda Economy Black Panther Greece

Black Panther, Economic Development, and Ancient Greece

Donni Wang
9 minutes to read

The core debate in the movie Black Panther revolves around the question of how a community should interact with the outside world. This, according to Donni Wang (Shanghai University) is where the lessons of ancient Greece kick in.

In Broad Daylight

David Antonie Hollanders
12 minutes to read

Does Hollywood help us understand what caused the financial crisis? In this article David Hollanders analyzes four Hollywood blockbusters dealing with the Great Financial Crisis. 

Beyond ISDS

Jan Blommaert
3 minutes to read

The crisis of the ISDS system can lead to something better: a real international economic court of justice