Mural in Ukraine

War-damaged buildings as a canvas: Banksy’s art in Ukraine

Maaike Lobbezoo
11 minutes to read

The anonymous artist Banksy has used the ruins of Ukrainian cities as his canvas to make a statement about the ongoing war. This article dives into the meaning of Banksy's art and how art can be a critical reflection of our world. 

Debating Tilburg's 'beautiful ugliness' online: The case of The Blue Building

Inge Beekmans
16 minutes to read

What is it like to live in a city that is considered 'ugly' by most of the people you know? Online discussions about the planned demolition of The blue building demonstrate how some inhabitants of Tilburg construct narratives regarding their city's 'beautiful ugliness', while other Tilburgers reject their ironic and humorous attitude.


California scheming: Miranda July's Kajillionaire (Miranda July)

Bettie Cörvers
8 minutes to read

In Miranda July's 2020 film Kajillionaire, Old Dolio's life is turned upside down when her criminal parents invite an outsider to join them in their scamming practices. She feels the need to detach from her hustling parents.

Banksy, street art and globalization

Sophie Hines
9 minutes to read

Banksy is one of the most famous street artists in the world. This article examines the influence of globalization on the subject matter of Banksy's works, as well as on the extent of his success.


The linguistic landscape of Maastricht

Joël Eduard Nicholas Grassère
11 minutes to read

Old factory signs, preserved French hotel names and signs in the local dialect paint Maastricht's rich linguistic landscape. An analysis of three examples showcases how the city's history and current developments are embedded in public signs.

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The controversial dilemma's of slum tourism

Noor W.
12 minutes to read

Increasingly, the slum tourism trend is raising controversial dilemma's. Can it be seen as a form of exploitation of locals living in undeveloped areas?