Podcast: Code Red: 2045

Prajakta Athlekar

The Episode 

Welcome to a new episode of Code Red, where we journey into the year 2045, exploring a world shaped by emerging technologies and societal shifts through the lens of speculative fiction. 

Our cover story delves into the chilling realm of healthcare in 2045, where a radical Dutch government's alliance with a private giant led to the creation of variable AI health coaches. These coaches, mandatory for citizens past the age of 16, not only monitor individuals' health but assign them a numerical health score, determining their access to opportunities in society. Through storytelling, we uncover the consequences of this dystopian reality, from the erosion of privacy to the exacerbation of societal inequalities.

As we navigate through the pages of this issue, it's important to remember that the scenarios depicted are fictional, yet they serve as cautionary tales and prompts for critical reflection on the trajectory of our society. Tomorrow's Horizon invites you to engage with these imaginative explorations and consider the ethical implications of the choices we make today. Welcome to Tomorrow's Horizon, where fiction meets foresight, and the future is ours to shape.