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Black tights, fixed gear bikes and ‘bout to explode thighs!

Nikos Papadopoulos
11 minutes to read

For the majority of the bikers, a bike is... just a bike. But for others, it is a statement of individuality, a form of self-expression.

For the majority of the bikers, a bike is... just a bike. But for others, it is a statement of individuality, a form of self-expression.

emoji emoticons language policy global language esperanto

Towards a global language policy for emoji?

Jan Dijsselbloem
26 minutes to read

Emoji are becoming an increasingly important part of people's repertoires for online text-based meaning making. From their history towards the possibility of a language policy, this article diggs into the characters that are so frequently used.

Masked man sitting behind a desk, using a computer

Forgive me father, for I hate women: anti-feminism and misogyny in the manosphere

Inge Beekmans
19 minutes to read

Academics describe the manosphere as “a particularly toxic brand of anti-feminism”. It is a place where promoting rape is acceptable, but saying you hate women is not. This essay examines linguistic structures within the manosphere .

The extreme abnormals: sluthaters, the outsiders of the manosphere

Laura Smits
9 minutes to read

In every culture and group, you can find them: the outsiders. Outsiders are seen as 'abnormal', they are deviating from the norm, often unusual in an unwelcome or problematic way. In the Manosphere, there are even outsiders-among-outsiders. 

First male beauty blogger (age 17) becomes a Cover Boy

How to -movies and virality: Male beauty bloggers

Nataliia Vdovychenko
18 minutes to read

Male beauty bloggers are a new internet sensation with millions of followers, viral videos and inspiring life stories. How did they become so successful?

The many faces of Hillary Clinton

Mark Dierick
29 minutes to read

This analysis focuses on the many faces Hillary Clinton showed the general public during her run for Presidency in the United States of America. It argues that it might have been this "two-faced" reputation that could have cost her the job.

Ten Years and the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement

Rosa Engels
7 minutes to read

What does a movie have in common with the Umbrella movement? A semiotic analysis of the movie Ten years.

constructing authenticity

How to appear authentic in a digital world

Miah Moos
23 minutes to read

How authentic are we really? The increase of digital influencers and the pressure on users to reach a certain following or look a certain way before posting a photo, questions the idea of online authenticity. 

Marine Le Pen Fake Feminist

Marine le Pen: a fake feminist?

Nadadja Binder
10 minutes to read

How has Marine Le Pen been using her feminine side? And what can we learn from FEMEN's protests against Le Pen, and more specifically against her feminism?