Beauty and Digital Culture

According to professor Jan Blommaert from Tilburg University, for Michel Foucault "the internet would have been an absolute marvel". It's not unreasonable to think that we are all living in a digital panopticon. Here's why. 

Over de Kinderboekenweek en onverwachte vriendschappen

Sara Van den Bossche
9 minutes to read

De Kinderboekenweek draait dit jaar rond vriendschap. Vriendschapsbanden in jeugdboeken die onverwacht en desondanks vanzelfsprekend zijn, kunnen de blik verruimen, aldus Helma van Lierop en Sara Van den Bossche.

Exploring Breivik: A “Lone Wolf”s War against Cultural Marxism

Stella Maria Veranoudi
11 minutes to read

This paper provides an analysis of the connection between the online/offline anti-cultural Marxism communities and individuals starting with Anders Breivik, as we study his "2083" manifesto.

Marcuse's grave, cultural marxism, hoax, conspiracy theory new right

Why has Cultural Marxism become the enemy?

Jan Blommaert
13 minutes to read

Cultural Marxism is blamed for "globalism" and its discontents. Perhaps exploring globalization can be an alternative for this deeply flawed conspiracy theory.

celebrities, gangnam, virality, online YouTube

Overnight celebrities and virality

Ghyli Kirshner
12 minutes to read

In the past few years certain music videos were impossible to miss. Whether you go viral or not can make or break you. In this paper you can find some world-famous examples.

AfD party leaders Alice Weidel and Alexander Gauland

AfD and the battle for the German nation

Lisa Laarakker
12 minutes to read

The Afd fights for  a German nation, not for democracy. Acting like enhancers of democracy, the AfD (Alternative for Germany) party uses concepts like democracy to propagate a completely different and essentially antidemocratic message. 

E-waste and the infrastructures of digitalization

Nikolas giampaolo
14 minutes to read

The precipitous evolution of electronic technology, along with the rapid product outmodedness, has escalated the proportion of the e-waste problem The annual e-waste production amounted to an estimate of 30-50 tons. 

alan kurdi, bodrum, migration, humanity,

We didn't know? Alan Kurdi, life writing and the state of the world

Odile Heynders
7 minutes to read

Auschwitz cannot be compared to the refugee crisis. But one similarity between what happened in the 1940s and today, is that the general public, the ordinary European, does not really care, or pretend not to know exactly what is going on. 

Youtube Demonitization Adcopalypse

YouTube's demonetization situation and the adpocalypse

Alex Sinke
12 minutes to read

YouTube, the most famous and global video sharing platform, is home to an overwhelming amount of content creators. However, the monetization scheme and the adpocalypse that followed have changed things for the worse.