Privacy statement

Diggit Magazine takes online privacy and transparency very seriously. We make sure we comply with all the European rulings and that we inform our readers and authors.

  • Webanalytics/Cookies: Diggit Magazine uses Google Analytics and Hotjar to collect data. User data is only used for the improvement of the website. The data is completely anonymized, which means we will not save your IP-address, and we will not track you when you visit other websites. The data we collect through Google Analytics and Hotjar will not be shared with third parties. 
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  • Links: Diggit Magazine often links to external websites. We do not take responsibility for the possible violation of your privacy on any of these websites. 

If you want to receive an overview with all the personal information we have collected about you, feel free to send us a request through email. In any normal situation, we will meet your request within 7 days. You can also email us with a request to delete all the information we have about you."