How Gen Z shops

How Gen Z shops

Jelske van Es

Gen Z makes up almost 40 percent of all consumer shopping. How does Gen Z shop? And what do they value in a brand?

Gen Z makes up almost 40 percent of all consumer shopping. How does Gen Z shop? And what do they value in a brand?

This paper explores and explains Transmedia as a concept while using the Star Trek franchise as a case study. Focus will be drawn towards Star Trek Lower Decks, the franchises’ latest iteration.

 Movies in 2020

COVID-19 in film: Signifier and Myth

Joël Grassère

The film industry has changed drastically during COVID-19. The pandemic has changed both streaming services and cinemas. Personalization and oligopoly are the keywords in this. How does this reflect society? Find out by clicking this article. 

Blizzard Entertainment an online game company made the controversial decision to ban a professional gamer for making his political stance towards Hong Kong known, now their own fictional character is becoming the mascot of the movement, how?.

Disney Castle

Disney castle: semiotics and variation

Joël Grassère

The Disney Castle is widely known image. But how does it function as a sign?What does it signify to whom? And what can we say about the variety of Disney Castles? This paper goes into all of that and more, including the history behind this icon. 

Beyoncé quotes feminist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in her song Flawless

Commercialization of feminism is killing women

Ilse van Knegsel

Commercialization of feminism and postfeminism are movements that are interrelated and can be understood as new, ‘sexier’ variations on the traditional feminism. This commercialization of feminism can have major negative consequences for women.


Girlfriendreviews: Games, Journalism and Satire

Joël Grassère

Girlfriendreviews combines journalistic functions of entertainment and information not unlike a satirical news show. However it does this in a niched fashion thus showing of polycentricity in online culture. 

image of a clustered red and clustered blue communication network with just a few connections linking the two

It's time to call the "echo chambers" bluff

Lauren Zentz

The problem of corporate media is not their creation of echo chambers; it is that media organizations have allowed people whose views run against democracy to gain such a large following that their lies are now seen by many as fact.



Gone With The Wind

Gone with the wind, Discourse, Infrastructure and Hegemony

Joël Grassère

Gone with the wind has been a topic of controversy. This blog shows how the discussion thereof is codified by infrastructures and norms. An in depth analysis of a representative case study shows this. 

Questionnaire literary reading & attention

Inge van de Ven

Who likes to read and wants to help researchers to find out about reading & attention? Fill out the questionnaire (also available in Dutch)!

Arie Slob

Geachte heer Slob (open brief)

Jan Dijsselbloem

Arie Slob keurt homoseksualiteit af, maar niet te veel. Deze tweespalt zaait verdeeldheid en druist in tegen de wet omtrent het huwelijk voor partners van hetzelfde geslacht. Dat is al erg genoeg, maar het drijft iedereen uit elkaar.

Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Boseman’s death & Hegemony

Joël Grassère

Through the passing of Chadwick Boseman combined with the Black lives Matter protests, cultural representation has become an important debate. This discourse shows hegemony, polarization, and linguistic repertoires.