Hate speech, mistakes and complaints

Hate speech, racist and sexist talk and any call for discrimination or anti-democratic action is forbidden on Diggit Magazine and on the Diggit Blog. Have you seen a factual mistake or hate speech? Complaints? Please contact us at info [at] diggitmagazine.com 



Diggit Magazine lets all authors choose their own Create Commons copyright license in its CMS system. More information can be found on the Creative Commons Website. Author can share and distribute there work as they please, after the publication on Diggit Magazine. 

Diggit Magazine functions as a community. Every author can upload pictures and movies. Diggit Magazine, explicitly asks their authors to only upload images of which they have the right to use. Uploading that image means that the editors can use that picture freely. If you as a reader see an image that is used illegally, please contact info [at] diggitmagazine.com. 



We, at diggit magazine, take privacy and transparency seriously. We make sure we comply with all the European rulings and that we inform our readers and authors. 

Students connected to the Department of Culture Studies at Tilburg University can either allow or deny the publication of the content they submit on the home page of diggit magazine. 

External authors submitting content to diggit magazine automatically agree to confer a publishing license to Diggit Lagazine. This license comes into effect when the manuscript is accepted for publication. Diggit Magazine has then the obligation to publish, but can freely decide when to publish.