Music, Creativity and Religious Identity

Mini-symposium with Martijn Oosterbaan, Ruth Illman and Anders Klostergaard Petersen

Mon, 2016-09-12 10:30 to 12:30
Department of Culture Studies, Tilburg University
Tilburg University Campus Dante Building, Room DZ6

In secularizing contexts, like The Netherlands, music is often said to function in terms of religion, whereas religious practices are increasingly functioning in terms of heritage and art. In the processes of transformation and transfer underlying these practices, creativity plays an important role. The emergence of new practices and new contexts where music and religion meet, clash or merge, may be understood in terms of identity construction. While they offer a means for both individual and collective positioning, it also remains to be seen which purposes these newly created practices and contexts serve.

During this mini-symposium, contemporary dynamics of the relationship between religion and music will be explored by Dr. Oosterbaan and Dr. Illman. They will draw from their ethnographic research on different cultural communities and their musical practices, in order to shed light on the role of creativity in the construction of religious identities. Prof. Klostergaard Petersen will give a response to the papers, after which there will be ample room for discussion.

The symposium will be held from 10:30 to 12:30 and is organized on the ocassion of Lieke Wijnia's PhD defense which will take place later that day at 14 o'clock at the Auditorium (Cobbenhagen building).