asylum seekers

New media are extensively used by the asylum seekers.

Asylum Seekers Online

Jolanda van Grunsven
2 minutes to read

Migration is very much influenced by the digital age. Many asylum seekers find the information they want and need online. How does the age of digitalization affect the way migration works in the 21st century?

Information Precarity and Surveillance

Sukran Ceren Salali
6 minutes to read

In this essay, it is discussed how social media are used as a way for asylum seekers to find the safest routes for leaving their home country as well as how they, as social media users, are exploited by control mechanisms.

Oisterwijk Refugee centre. Oisterwijk AZC

A chat with Vincent of the Oisterwijk Asylum Seekers Center

Addes Tesfamariam

A lot is known about the refugee issue: numbers, countries involved and their different policies. Little is known about asylum seekers once they have reached Europe. This is an insight into the life in a refugee center

The Voice from Academia

Sukran Ceren Salali
18 minutes to read

Paul Mutsaers is a Tilburg University researcher. For our file on Asylum Seekers Online, Diggit Magazine has interviewed Dr. Mutsaers to give voice opinion of academics on asylum-seekers crisis.

Temporary home of Hasan in Tilburg

Smartphone apps help asylum seekers find their way

Monika Nemcová
4 minutes to read

A Syrian father underwent a long journey to the Netherlands with the help of his smartphone. Currently living in Tilburg, he does not expect Syria to return to its pre-war state soon.