Lin Manuel Miranda

Lin-Manuel Miranda: Broadway Playwright or Latin activist

Joël Eduard Nicholas Grassère
14 minutes to read

Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda is a well-known figure both as a Broadway playwright and Latin American activist. His celebrity image has the potential to reshape his fans' social norms. Still, there is no determinism.


The controversial 'I no longer participate' hashtag

Simone Sprangers
15 minutes to read

A group of Dutch celebrities started a 'I no longer participate' hashtag on Instagram. This is a protest action against the government's management of the coronacrisis. What can this tell us about digitalization influences of news media? 

An ACE Family picture.

The "perfect life" of the ACE family

Merel Blesgr
10 minutes to read

In the seemingly perfect life of the ACE Family, there are many luxuries to be seen and "admired", from Range Rovers to building a new house. Still, they portray themselves as being a 'normal' family. But how normal are they?

The supposed authenticity of social media celebrities

Aniek van den Brandt
8 minutes to read

Social media celebrities are a phenomenon from the last decade. They seem to be authentic and just like you. Or rather, that's what they want you to believe.