Dutch Language Representing Translator Dialect And Netherlands

'Dutch only at work’ : Discrimination or reasonable?

Meauraine van Gorp
16 minutes to read

Language requirements at work: a form of discrimination or reasonable selection? The following article provides an analysis that helps to determine your opinion regarding this matter.  

Is there a dark side to translingualism? Dr. Sender Dovchin believes the answer to that question is "yes". In this video, she talks about the research she did in the past, and the things she is working on at this moment. 

Discriminatory treatment of religious minorities in Indonesia

Max Regus
10 minutes to read

This article will discuss the status of religious minority groups in Indonesia. Its main focus is the discrimination these minorities still face on a daily basis. 


Italy's fertility day campaign

Addes Tesfamariam
10 minutes to read

Fertility Day, the campaign to combat Italy's low birthrate, outraged the entire country. What made this campaign so controversial?

Fertility Day: a LGBT perspective

Maria Cantiello
4 minutes to read

The infamous campaign on the Fertility Day campaign, promoted by the Italian Minister of Health, was followed by strong reactions from different sides of Italian society. This article provides an analyses from the LGBT perspective.