Howard Becker

Jeffree Star and the LGBTQ Community

Anne Sieberichs
11 minutes to read

The world of YouTubers is diverse and colorful. An example of this big world is male make-up YouTuber Jeffree Star. This article discusses why he is contributing in the LGBTQ community. 

Fandom in times of superdiversity: the case of Sherlock

Suzanne Frenk
14 minutes to read

By applying Howard Becker's theory, as well as theories on superdiversity, to a community of fans on Tumblr, this article attempts to shed some light on the internal workings of the JohnLock Conspiracy community in the digital age.

Is the police anthropologist an asshole?

Paul Mutsaers
6 minutes to read

Paul Mutsaers (Tilburg University) argues eloquently that a police anthropologist should be an asshole. Meaning that an ethnographer has the democratic duty to question the police definition of the situation.