Pauline Hanson, a good ol’ Aussie 

Bin Chen
8 minutes to read

Australia has seen Hanson call Islam a disease and belittle Asians for not assimilating and forming ghettos instead. In this essay, Bin Chen looks into the xenophobic discourse Hanson used on ethnic minorities in Australia.

farage, migration, immigration

How Nigel Farage speaks about immigration

Eveline van der Weijden
17 minutes to read

In this article, Nigel Farage's discourse and Social Media posts are analysed with regards to his and his former party's (UKIP) stance on immigration.

On the Bride's Side: sharing the refugee's journey

Thao Nguyen
6 minutes to read

The documentary is both a bold political statement and a direct experience of European borders that helps to shape a more positive attitude toward refugees.

Learn Dutch or Leave the Country?

Han Dou
3 minutes to read

Eurpean nations are using their own nation language as the threshold to define what it means to be “one of us”. Relevant language policies in integration tests are far from embracing multiculturalism, but ones that feed intolerance and prejudice.

25 years of right wing extremism in Belgium

Jan Blommaert
9 minutes to read

The Brexit, followed by election of Donald Trump in the US , have raised worldwide concerns about the rise of right wing extremism. The phenomenon is, however, 25 years old in Belgium. Lessons can be drawn from that longitudinal experience.


Criminalizing the innocent

Jip Bierkens
10 minutes to read

This article elaborates on the current process of crimmigration in Dutch society. When crime and immigration become interwoven, the government might have more to do with it than immigrants themselves.

Oisterwijk Refugee centre. Oisterwijk AZC

A chat with Vincent of the Oisterwijk Asylum Seekers Center

Addes Tesfamariam

A lot is known about the refugee issue: numbers, countries involved and their different policies. Little is known about asylum seekers once they have reached Europe. This is an insight into the life in a refugee center