Book review "Darkness at noon"- Rubashov illustration

Why you should read "Darkness at noon" (Arthur Koestler)

Nataliia Vdovychenko
7 minutes to read

Certain kinds of literature cannot be forgotten. Darkness at noon is a must read for everyone who values high quality novels and wants to learn more about the Soviet Union, revolution and history in general.

Pleasure Studies? University as creative and thinking space

Odile Heynders
4 minutes to read

According to Pieter Duisenberg 'pleasure studies' should be something of the past. The future is in technical studies. But is job perspective the main argument for spending 4 years of your life at university? Odile Heynders does not agree. 

The Pulp of Forbidden Fruit

Iris Cuppen
3 minutes to read

This year's theme of the 'Boekenweek' is focussed on forbidden fruit, but is the novel still capable of being truly controversial these days? Forbidden fruit is considered to be the sweetest, but its pulp could be even sweeter. 


The Theorist’s Fear of the Undefined

Academic paper
Suzanne van der Beek
7 minutes to read

Many theorists have tried to define the literary fantastic – without great success. Maybe this question should remain unanswered as a reminder of our fear of the theoretically unknowable.

Literature as survival kit

Odile Heynders
3 minutes to read

After learning that none of Obama’s readings during his eight years in office was Europe-focussed, Odile Heynders, in her first column on Literature and society for Diggit Magazine, suggests a supplement reading list to the former president.

Van rouw tot roman

Emily Tang
10 minutes to read

Connie Palmen betreedt met haar werk keer op keer het grensgebied tussen feit en fictie. Ook Logboek van een onbarmhartig jaar bevindt zich ergens op die grens, maar de vraag is waar precies.