Since the 1990s, all over Europe political parties have developped integration policies and integration discourses as a response to new patterns of migration. This file from Diggit Magazine zooms in on these integration policies.

You are what you speak

Max Spotti
2 minutes to read

This column deals with newly arrived migrants, call them asylum seekers, refugees, foreign bodies or social security seekers if you like, still we will be dealing with human beings, their need for relocation and the power of accents. 

25 years of right wing extremism in Belgium

Jan Blommaert
9 minutes to read

The Brexit, followed by election of Donald Trump in the US , have raised worldwide concerns about the rise of right wing extremism. The phenomenon is, however, 25 years old in Belgium. Lessons can be drawn from that longitudinal experience.

Dubravka Ugresić

Odile Heynders
11 minutes to read

Ugresić is one of the interesting European voices on nationalism and consumerism, critiquing sloppiness of thinking and the superficiality of the public debate. This is a voice that we should take seriously, says Odile Heynders.