power relations

How FarmVille 2 Celebrates Capitalism and Animal Exploitation

Luiza Dubicka
14 minutes to read

FarmVille 2 draws heavily on cultural scripts which normalise the exploitation of animals, thus celebrating capitalism. Through a speciesist representation of human-nonhuman animal relations, FarmVille 2 perpetuates oppressive models of practice.

SpaceX Falcon launch

The SpaceX mission and why it worries me

Jan Blommaert
4 minutes to read

Elon Musk's SpaceX operates in a field of power previously reserved for state institutions under public control. Is this a good or a bad thing? 


An intimacy coordinator on the film set: an unnecessary luxury?

Nadine Visser
14 minutes to read

Power imbalances often lead to abuse in the film inustry. #MeToo has made companies like HBO search for solutions. An on-set intimacy coordinator can ensure that actors' rights are being respected when filming intimate scenes.