refugee crisis

Have you ever been rejected?

Max Spotti
3 minutes to read

Building on the rejection versus approval dichotomy in asylum seeking procedures, this column deals with the dynamics of rejection and with bureaucratic rituals of indifference by contemporary immigration administrations. 

The individual stories of migrants touch our hearts

Irene de Groot
2 minutes to read

A short column in which Irene de Groot explores the notion of compassion with regards to migration in Europe. Can compassion help create understanding for migrants? 

Captured Between the East and the West

Jip Havermans
18 minutes to read

This essay explores how and what an artist like Ai Weiwei can contribute to the discussion on the refugee crisis in Europe and if "political" artworks and artistic expressions can have a certain impact on society. 

Asylum Seekers Online

Asylum Seeker Apps

Jolanda van Grunsven
7 minutes to read

There are many available apps that target asylum seekers and refugees specifically. To get an idea of these apps we have taken a closer look at some of these apps and their functions. We have also spoken to some of the makers of these apps.

An entrance to the refugee center in Oisterwijk.

One day in a Dutch center for asylum seekers

Monika Nemcová
4 minutes to read

Currently housing around 300 asylum seekers and refugees, Oisterwijk refugee center has been a temporary home to such people for 13 years. They have opportunities to develop themselves in various ways while living there.