Have you ever been rejected?

Max Spotti
3 minutes to read

Building on the rejection versus approval dichotomy in asylum seeking procedures, this column deals with the dynamics of rejection and with bureaucratic rituals of indifference by contemporary immigration administrations. 

On the Bride's Side: sharing the refugee's journey

Thao Nguyen
6 minutes to read

The documentary is both a bold political statement and a direct experience of European borders that helps to shape a more positive attitude toward refugees.

The individual stories of migrants touch our hearts

Irene de Groot
2 minutes to read

A short column in which Irene de Groot explores the notion of compassion with regards to migration in Europe. Can compassion help create understanding for migrants? 

You are what you speak

Max Spotti
2 minutes to read

This column deals with newly arrived migrants, call them asylum seekers, refugees, foreign bodies or social security seekers if you like, still we will be dealing with human beings, their need for relocation and the power of accents. 

Asylum Seekers Online

Google, truths and asylum procedures

Max Spotti
7 minutes to read

Information provided by web resources has become indispensable to immigration officers assessing asylum claims. How does the internet affect the lives of those who seek asylum by making their identity proofs unconvincing?

Flags at Pegida rally

What keeps Pegida together?

Isabell Wutz
7 minutes to read

Since its launch in 2014, Pegida has constructed a strong collective identity. It includes oppositional framing, boundary work and the construction of 'us' vs. 'them' with the implication of 'us' being better than 'them'.