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Death Mentalities in the 21st Century

Martin Hoondert
1 minute to read

Death is part of the human condition. Through time, people have tried to cope with death through rituals and arts and each age seems to have a dominant attitude towards death - the so-called death mentalities. 

The truth behind Anonymous for the Voiceless

Seline Westerhof
12 minutes to read

Anonymous for the Voiceless seems to know how to rapidly spread their message around the world, and get many people to listen to their activism.  But how do they do that? 

Leaving the Heartbreak Hotel online & offline.

Ashna Coster
8 minutes to read

This article provides a reflection on heartbreak in the digital workds, which means that one is breaking up online as well as offline. Unfollow or unfriend one another on social media and if necessary look up self-help tips on how to move on.

My Friend is a White Muslim

Bin Chen
9 minutes to read

With growing sense of negativity and 'othering' of Islam in political sphere, in this article I take the story of a Dutch Muslim convert to explore religious and social factors attributed to his change. 

Ohne dich kann ich nicht sein

Roos van den Oetelaar
13 minutes to read

In deze paper wordt onderzocht, aan de hand van de optredens van de metalband Rammstein, hoe religie en beroemdheid samenkomen in een metalperformance. De tegenstelling tussen deze twee werelden blijkt minder vanzelfsprekend dan gedacht.

Reizen Waes: This is clearly bullshit indeed

Aliceanneke Jacobsen
3 minutes to read

Critics are of the opinion that television is a constructed truth which bears no relation to reality. They portray viewers as passive consumers who do not realize they are being fooled by the television producers