On the Bride's Side: sharing the refugee's journey

Thao Nguyen
6 minutes to read

The documentary is both a bold political statement and a direct experience of European borders that helps to shape a more positive attitude toward refugees.

The people of Dresden should be proud of their new controversial monument

Zoë Gielen
2 minutes to read

‘Monument’, the new controversial installation in the city centre of Dresden, takes the city as an example of hope, rebuilding and peace. A strong message of unison and empathy that should be cherished instead of refused.

Temporary home of Hasan in Tilburg

Smartphone apps help asylum seekers find their way

Monika Nemcová
4 minutes to read

A Syrian father underwent a long journey to the Netherlands with the help of his smartphone. Currently living in Tilburg, he does not expect Syria to return to its pre-war state soon.