Miah Moos

How a college student lives a zero waste lifestyle

Nataliia Vdovychenko
14 minutes to read

What does it actually take to live a mindful life with zero waste? Is it possible to survive the struggle of reorganizing your life habits if you are still a student? And how expensive it is to do good for the environment? 

The politics of #shutdown: from capitalism to popular protest

Ana Deumert
4 minutes to read

In this column Ana Deumert looks at the meaning and practice of shutdown. Originally used in the context of capitalist expansion and workforce disciplining, it has been adopted as a grassroots tool of rebellion against the status quo. 

Pleasure Studies? University as creative and thinking space

Odile Heynders
4 minutes to read

According to Pieter Duisenberg 'pleasure studies' should be something of the past. The future is in technical studies. But is job perspective the main argument for spending 4 years of your life at university? Odile Heynders does not agree. 

Fertility Day Campaign II

Addes Tesfamariam
11 minutes to read

Preserving fertility revolves around good lifestyles and avoiding people with a diverse background. This is the message the Health Minister sends in Fertility Day campaign II. Read my diverse Italian perspective.

Making Socialism 'Cool' Again

Jenske Vermeulen
15 minutes to read

Bernie Sanders labels himself as a democratic socialist. In America, this normally means you stay stuck in the margins. Contrary to that assumption, Sanders mobilized millions.