LivingChristian: An Online Christian Lifestyle Destination

Networked religion

LivingChristian: An Online Christian Lifestyle Destination

LivingChristian is a company that brands itself as "a Christian lifestyle destination to help Christians around the world connect with faith-based content and resources" (2021). LivingChristian has, since its inception in 2015, created an online network through being active on a plethora of online and social media platforms, ranging from Instagram and Facebook to a website with blog articles and an online store filled with merchandise. This company, which has manifested itself as an online environment for Christian believers seeking inspiration, guidance, and resources in applying their faith to their day-to-day lives, is an example of how religion is becoming more and more 'networked.'

The concept of 'networked religion' consists of a few key traits, including multisite reality, networked community, storied identity, and shifted authority (Campbell, 2012). First of all, with LivingChristian multisite reality is evident since the company's posts are inspired by traditional Christian and biblical teachings and, at the same time, encourage readers to incorporate the company's advice into their offline lives. Second, LivingChristian establishes a networked community by providing numerous ways for people to connect with both the company and with other followers through social media channels. However, there is no fixed membership and there are no rules, which gives followers the chance to use the platform how they see fit, and to create a loose network. This also relates to the storied identity trait within networked religion, which describes how people can have a personal narrative concerning religion within a broader community of people. Finally, this online platform represents a shift in authority, as religion becomes more malleable. There is no traditional authority any more that people need to adhere to, as is more common in offline church settings. To conclude, the way people experience 'lived religion' is changing through online platforms, and the company LivingChristian is a representative example.


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