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Ethnography can be defined as the small-scale study of human behavior through "clinical" observation and intersubjective participation.

Digital ethnography

Digital ethnography is a specific approach to research ‘on online practices and communications, and on offline practices shaped by digitalisation’
Lauren Zentz

Lauren Zentz on Digital Culture in 2018 and 2019

The Editors

In this interview Lauren Zentz shares her thoughts about the impact of digital culture, and talks about her hopes for the future. For instance, she hopes that her work will contribute to our understandings of how to conduct sociolinguistic and ethnographic research that accounts for the power and even the ubiquity of the internet in many people’s daily lives.

The politics of crime. Who gets to define what’s illegal?

Paul Mutsaers
4 minutes to read

The notion of the ethics of illegality enables us to compare policing, security and crime beyond the boundaries of the nation-state. It may help us understand how police and policed across the world deal differently or similarly with law breaking. 


Laura Nelissen
10 minutes to read

Black Lives Matter is a movement known and active all over the world. It all started with the hashtag #blacklivesmatter but now their message is more complex. The constructed message of a movement.