Nevado de Toluca


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Frida Sofia Mendoza de la Luz

Welcome to my journey through the intersection of climate justice, migration, and culture, viewed from a Mexican perspective. I'm Frida, currently studying children's literature, media, and culture through an International Master's program. Recently, I had the privilege of attending a Climate Justice and Migration Workshop led by Dr. Kate Huber, an experience that enriched my understanding of the relationship between climate change and justice.

In this story map, I delved into the topics analyzed in the workshop and connected the learnings with my personal experiences living in Mexico. Each section of this story map intricately weaves together the insights gained from the five sessions of our workshop with the pressing issues facing Mexico concerning the climate crisis, migration, and justice.

Mexico's complex geopolitical position as a North American country within the global South provides a unique backdrop to explore these themes. I'll unpack how environmental degradation and social disparities intersect in my homeland, shedding light on issues often overlooked in mainstream media due to their conflicting nature.

Join this small trip through narratives that bridge academic theory with lived realities, highlighting the urgent need for action, understanding, and solidarity in the face of our planet's greatest challenges.