Posters fertility day I & II

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Addes Tesfamariam


In this article we collect all the posters of the Fertility Day Campaign I and II. 


Fertility Day Campaign I 

The fist Fertility day campaing consisted out of 9 different posters. Underneath the collage, the reader can find each message translated, starting with the poster in the upper left corner with the woman holding an hourglass



  1. Beauty doesn’t fade. Fertility does upon the image of the woman holding an hourglass.
  2. Fertility is a common good upon the image of a tap dropping few drops of water.
  3. Postponing pregnancy leads to have an only child. Always if you will be able to have one upon the image of a child finger pointed at his back by allegedly his own shadow.
  4. Young parents. The best way to be creative upon the image of four feet and the smiley emoticon upon the feet.
  5. The constitution safeguards the conscientious and responsible procreation upon the image of toddler’s shoes wrapped in a tricoloured ribbon.
  6. Don’t let sperm go up in smoke upon a hand holding a bendcigarette.
  7. Prepare a cradle for the future upon the image of a belly-button surrounded by two hands.
  8. Hurry up! Don’t wait for the stork upon the image of a stork.
  9. Men’s fertility is weaker than what it seems upon the image of an open banana peel thrown on the ground of a dirty street pavement,


Fertility Day Campaign II

Translation: Good habits to promote. Bad people to stay away from