New private and public spheres

#MillionDollarBabies. Sharenting and its influence on kids

Selin Aydinli
14 minutes to read

Increasing possibilities and features of social media are emerging that make certain posts more appealing, like parenting content, with the result that private insights are being shared in public more and more frequently. 

Chrissy Teigen's tragedy - too private or not public enough?

Kirsten Verbeek
10 minutes to read

Chrissy Teigen shared news of her stillbirth via Instagram. The comments weren’t as loving as you might expect. This article aims to answer the question: 'why do people react so negatively towards something accused of being (too) private?'

PTT Gossiping Board as a Digital Public Sphere

Chi-chieh Huang
23 minutes to read

This article seeks to understand the PTT Gossiping Board as a digital public sphere by presenting two cases: the 623 Anti-Red Media Protest (June, 2019) and the Hsinchu mission teenager incident (August, 2020).