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Diggit's Facebook Experiment


In a highly debated Facebook post Mark Zuckerberg introduced upcoming changes to Facebook algorithms. Diggit Magazine will look into the effects of these algorithmic changes for media, acitivits and the public sphere in general. 

Diggit Magazine wins Teaching Innovation Award 2017: Interview with Ico Maly

The Editors
2 minutes to read

Yesterday, during the Education Bazaar at Tilburg University, Ico Maly received the annual award for Best Teaching Innovation for his work on Diggit. We caught an overjoyed Maly and were able to ask him some questions.

Putting two things together in a transforming public sphere

Academic paper
Odile Heynders
9 minutes to read

In her opening lecture, Odile Heynders took us back to the era of ballooning and the first selfie. She ended with the claim that Diggit Magazine has changed the world. People may not have noticed it yet, but the world changed nonetheless.

On the importance of Diggit Magazine

Ico Maly
7 minutes to read

Ico Maly (editor-in-chief Diggit Magazine) underlines the uniqueness and the importance of Diggit Magazine as an academic and democratic project.