"We only speak Dutch at school"

Tessa Peters
11 minutes to read

The use of home languages is not allowed in many schools in the Netherlands although a multilingual approach seems promising. This paper presents strategies that can be used as guidelines for dealing with multilingualism in the classroom.

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Decolonization of Education in South Africa

Nastassja Wessels
12 minutes to read

This paper seeks to understand why there is a lack of theorization of decolonization on basic education of South Africa. Decolonization of education has largely been debated in abstract terms of higher education and other material spaces. 

The inscription on the wall says "for an education that helps us think instead of teaching us to obey."

Neutrality in the public education system: does it exist?

Daniela Meireles
9 minutes to read

A social movement in Brazil accuses teachers of public institutions of imposing their political beliefs on students, and defends that schools should be ideologically neutral environments. However, is neutrality in education possible?

There are no shortcuts to become a police officer

Lola Valles
7 minutes to read

Lola Valles argues that govermenments should not take shortcuts to recruit and educate new police officers as an answer to security threats because the strategic position of police in society.

Still from the trailer of Monsieur Lazhar

Cultural differences in Monsieur Lazhar

Stefan Voeten
6 minutes to read

This article argues that the movie Monsieur Lazhar can contribute to a public debate on topics such as education and immigration.