Gaming Today: From Amusement to Addiction

Julia van der Staak
16 minutes to read

Gaming changed  according to the rise of the internet as games are now predominantly played online. This essay explores how the social aspect of gaming has changed and what can be argued in favour of old-school offline co-op gaming.

Play and metapolitics in Angry Goy II

Shannon Verhoef
13 minutes to read

This article examines how videogame Angry Goy 2 constructs its anti-Semitic and white supremacist messages, and if this videogame is ready to effectively enter and succeed in the metapolitical arena.

What Pokémon Go teaches us about society

Jan Blommaert
4 minutes to read

There are sociological and anthropological lessons to be learned from the summer of 2016's biggest hype: Pokémon Go. A generally hidden world of popular screen culture entered the "real" public space. And disturbed it.