Google maps

Google's representation of the world

Google Maps' commercially oriented representation of the world

Anne Marte Gardenier
16 minutes to read

Google Maps displays a commercially oriented representation of the world. This influences how map users perform in the represented space. However, this subjective representation is obscured by the app's widespread use and its features' framing.

Asylum Seekers Online

Google, truths and asylum procedures

Max Spotti
7 minutes to read

Information provided by web resources has become indispensable to immigration officers assessing asylum claims. How does the internet affect the lives of those who seek asylum by making their identity proofs unconvincing?

New media are extensively used by the asylum seekers.

Asylum Seekers Online


Information Precarity and Surveillance

Sukran Ceren Salali
6 minutes to read

In this essay, it is discussed how social media are used as a way for asylum seekers to find the safest routes for leaving their home country as well as how they, as social media users, are exploited by control mechanisms.