It always starts with a lighthouse

How BioShock makes you forget you’re playing a game (2K Games)

Rebecca de Jongh
6 minutes to read

BioShock's narrative and clever game design fully immerse you into its story. You forget you are playing a game until suddenly the game makes you painfully aware you were never truly in control...

remediation intermediality van gogh art

Remediating Van Gogh: How New Media Keep the Painter's World Alive

Marijn van Engelen
13 minutes to read

How can traditional art remain relevant and accessible in times of rapid technological developments? This article discusses the remediation of Van Gogh's work as an example of intermediality. 

Promotion and storytelling in Hopeless Fountain Kingdom by Halsey

Hanan Faour
10 minutes to read

This paper explores the ways in which the transmedial extensions of Halsey's concept album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom function as both a means of artistic exploration, as well as promotional tools. 

Waterhouse, The Lady of Shalott (1888)

Waterhouse: The Lady of Shalott

Stefan Voeten
11 minutes to read

This essay investigates how the painting ‘The Lady of Shalott’ (1888) by John William Waterhouse is a form of intermediality. Discussed will be what form of intermediality can be found here, how it works, and the effects it entails.

De ontmaskering van de realiteit in Voices of Finance

Iris Cuppen
11 minutes to read

In dit essay worden de verschillende media en disciplines binnen de dansfilm Voices of Finance - een film die geïnspireerd is op de banking blog van Joris Luijendijk - onderzocht, geanalyseerd en geïnterpreteerd.