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Towards a global language policy for emoji?

Jan Dijsselbloem
27 minutes to read

Emoji are becoming an increasingly important part of people's repertoires for online text-based meaning making. From their history towards the possibility of a language policy, this article diggs into the characters that are so frequently used.

Netflix versus Culture: Language Policy in the Netherlands

Meauraine van Gorp
8 minutes to read

This article shows how the Dutch government, because of globalization and the rise of online streaming services such as Netflix, has to reconsider its language policy. In this process, many ideological stands are taken. 

The Dutch Railways' Language Policies

Solange Coenegracht
6 minutes to read

The use of English at the Dutch Railway Operator NS seems to be rather sporadic. The current article tries to find out what their language policy is regarding the use of English. The NS should opt for a more structured and well-defined policy.

Babel Tower

The European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages in Slovakia

Academic paper
Monika Nemcová
21 minutes to read

An analysis of implementation of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages in Slovakia in pre-school and primary education with a focus on Hungarian, Ruthenian, Ukrainian and Romani languages.

Tatra mountains at Slovak-Polish border

The case of the Slovak minority in Poland

Academic paper
Monika Nemcová
22 minutes to read

Focusing on education and the media, this article analyses Slovak as a minority language in Poland. It argues that the Polish language policy is inextricably connected to educational and national policies.

Why is character amnesia in China considered problematic?

Lisanne Nugteren
23 minutes to read

In the People's Republic of China, due to rapid technological developments more and more people rely on voice messaging and pinyin input for producing texts, rather than writing them by hand.