The Metamorphosis of Patti Smith

Nina Groeskamp
12 minutes to read

Is Patti Smith a celebrity or public intellectual? This article analyses her main role through the perspective of these two models. She is a different assemblage, playing different roles on each occasion. 

social media celebrity

What do Knausgård and social media bloggers have in common?

Nataliia Vdovychenko
18 minutes to read

What do Knausgård and Instagram travel bloggers have in common? How do social media and contemporary literature inspire and influence each other? The answer lies in this article, where Knausgård is compared to young 'Western' travel bloggers.

Book review "Darkness at noon"- Rubashov illustration

Why you should read "Darkness at noon" (Arthur Koestler)

Nataliia Vdovychenko
7 minutes to read

Certain kinds of literature cannot be forgotten. Darkness at noon is a must read for everyone who values high quality novels and wants to learn more about the Soviet Union, revolution and history in general.

Over John Ashbery en de lezer: ‘Ik kon er geen touw aan vastknopen’.

Sander Bax
7 minutes to read

In mijn Facebook-bubbel werd er met verslagenheid gereageerd op de dood van John Ashbery. In deze column vraag ik me af hoe groot de weerklank van Ashbery’s poëzie buiten mijn bubbel is: bestaat de ideale lezer voor zijn poëzie nog wel?